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Welcome to Teachin' Fishin', The program designed specifically to make you a better angler. If you enjoy learning by viewing classroom lessons, DVDs, interactive fishing education, short video clips, on the water classes and trips or by reading articles, you can find it here. Thanks for joining us…. We look forward to helping you become a better angler, no matter where, how or what you fish for.

-Captain Lance Valentine

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Captain Lance and friends give you a wealth of fishing to be thankful for. Starting with the Pro Chat Live and boating safety!


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Our monthly education modules presented in a virtual classroom setting.


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Join us as we travel across the country and interview people who make the outdoors great!


Policies, legislation, laws and groups that affect water quality, the environment and our fishing.


Taking care of boats, motors, trailers and equipment is essential for fishing success.



Learn about boating laws, get your equipment in order, and prepared on the water.


Join us for our upcomming education weekends. Fishing, Friendship, Education.


Meet our staff, seminar schedules, and ask them questions.

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Walleye LOVE the weeds. Bait, oxygen, cover and shade all make weeds a top producer for walleye all season long. Lance covers basic weeds that hold fish, walleye location in the weeds and all the presentations you need to extract walleye from the green stuff. Don't overlook the weeds in any body of water.[MORE]
Trolling is an effective technique for any fish that swims, and can sometimes be your best presentation option [More]