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The Teachin Fishin System

8 Steps to catching more fish.

Buying a new Sonar/GPS unit

Purchasing a new electronics unit can be scary. Technology is constantly changing

Making a small boat fish big

Many of us fish in a way that is best suited for small boats.

5 Favorite Traxtech Accessories

The old saying "little things mean a lot" is true, especially on a fishing boat.

Transducer Placement Tips

Today's fishing electronics are amazing pieces of equipment. fish finder lowrance

Best Spinner Blade

Each fishing season countless walleye are caught on crawler harnesses...

Calibrating Line Counters

Some of the biggest fish caught every year in lakes big and small...

Ethernet vs NMEA

One of the great features of today's modern fishing electronics... fish finder lowrance

Fish Arches

In the 2 decades I have been teaching sonar use and interpretation... fish finder lowrance

Making Sound Decisions

Crankbaits have been catching fish ever since they showed up...

Diving Planers and Discs

In all fishing situations, depth control is one of the most important factors.

Spoon Fed Walleye

If you are one of the many walleye fishermen who have never tried...

Secret of the Bead

"How do you rig your trolling rods"? I get this question a lot.

Thump Jiggin-Wake Up

As a tournament fisherman I always held to the belief to use the lightest jig...

Trailer and Tire Tips

As I was headed up to the lake to do a charter last Saturday morning I passed...

Trolling Set Up

Trolling setup is a topic that gets heavily discussed every spring...

Understanding Downscan

Over the past few seasons DownScan and SideScan sonar imaging... fish finder lowrance