Captain Lance Valentine

When it comes to WALLEYE and the GREAT LAKES REGION Lance Valentine is one name that stands at the top, why? Beginning in the 1990’s, Lance Valentine developed what is widely known as the “Walleye 101” series of seminars, articles, printed study guides, and DVDs. Using the knowledge Lance gained throughout his life of fishing, his decade of walleye tournament fishing at the highest level, years of guiding and seminar speaking has enabled him to break down advanced fishing subjects and make them easy for the average angler to understand. All leads to today and the digital world: The Teachin Fishin Educational Platform.

Lance guides on the Eastern Great Lakes, runs over 120 charters a season, hosting close to 800+ guests each year. On the water classes “Boot Camps”, virtual seminars, speaking at seminars and private events across the country, hosts the original 4 day “Fishing Education Weekend” and speaks with anyone that wants to talk fishing, WALLEYE FISHING to be exact.

Watching “Walleye 101” grow into “Teachin Fishin” has been the natural progression of growing knowledge which allows Lance Valentine the platform to take his easy to understand teaching ability to the world of angling through the use of digital platforms, on the water lessons, educational charter trips, and the original “Fishing Education Weekends”.