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Boot Camp



Includes: 4 hour on the boat "hands on" training covering:

  1. Basic trolling equipment (rods, reels, line, rigging)
  2. Boat control, Boat rigging, Rod holder setup
  3. How to use Sonar/GPS and other electronics to catch more fish
  4. Inline Planer board set up, deployment and retrieval
  5. Lure options and selection including crankbaits, spoons and spinners
  6. Depth Control system including inline weights, snap weights, leadcore line, jet style divers, disc style divers, tadpoles
  7. Setting an effective and efficient trolling spread
  8. Working a trolling pattern and more!!!


Camps are limited to 4 anglers. Sign up with a group of friends or by yourself (you will be paired with other anglers). Boot Camps are held on Lance's 24' Angler Qwest Pontoon.


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