Let’s meet Ali Shakoor

So much to say and so many credentials for Ali Shakoor, this may take a minute.

SCIENCE is Capt. Ali’s background and current ground, serious in depth science and data has made him a go to knowledgeable source for understanding the science and why behind great lakes fishing with a focus on walleye.

His love of the outdoors started around the Irish Hills area of Michigan, through hunting and fishing he was inspired to pursue a degree and career in Natural Resources. Ali currently has a BS in Biology, and a MS in Conservation Ecology from the School of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan. Currently, he is chasing his PhD in Evolutionary and Organismal Biology, with an emphasis on Aquatic Ecology, at Wayne State University. (Told ya he was smart)

If you want to talk fish biology and ecology, fish behavior, invasive species, food web disruptions, and other non-biological factors including the effect of wind, weather, and waves on fish locations, look no further. His ability to link scientific concepts and research to common fishing situations, in understandable language, has made him a popular draw at fishing clubs, boat/fishing shows, and meetings such as the National Professional Anglers Association Annual Meeting.

Captain Ali Shakoor is a USCG licensed charter captain, with over 30 years’ experience on the Great Lakes. Ali travels to fish the Cabelas/Bass Pro Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC), and has experience in other circuits, including the Lake Erie Walleye Trail (LEWT), National Walleye Tour (NWT), and Anglers Insight Marketing (AIM).

Any questions why we asked Capt. Ali to join the Teachin Fishin Educational Platform?