Wintertime Lure Checkup

If you live in the Northern part of the world like I do, winter can be LONG. I’m not much of a cold weather person and never really took to ice fishing, so waiting for spring can often fell like a prison sentence. There are still lots of things you can do to keep your mind on fishing and help you catch more fish wen spring rolls around. Here’s a quick rundown of my winter lure maintenance routine.

1) Get Organized: nothing is more frustrating than looking for something in your boat and not being able to find it! Sort lures into types, using smaller boxes if needed, so finding EXACTLY what you need is quick and easy. Go crazy with the label maker. Don’t forget to organize terminal tackle, sinkers, accessories and your safety gear also. Boxes can get broken latches, rusty or just get old. Replace them.

2) Fill Holes: After all your tackle is organized by type, go through and look for holes in your box. Make sure you enough of your hottest lures and colors to get through the season. Make a shopping list and hit the winter shows looking for deals.

3) Lure Checkup: As I’m sorting my lures, I am checking every hook, split ring and line tie. I will set anything that needs to be fixed aside in a box and do my repairs over a few evenings. Get all your lures in shape for the upcoming season.

4) Get Covered: Nothing scares me more than having my gear stolen! Except maybe having to convince an insurance adjuster that yes, I did own 3000 crankbaits! While you are getting your gear ready, take a few minutes to snap some pictures. Open each box of lures and in the lid of the box set a piece of paper with details of what is in the box and the value. For example, “100 #7 Flicker Shads at $4 each-total value $400”. Save these pix and send a copy to your insurance agent. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH COVERAGE ON YOUR POLICY FOR ALL YOU LURES! Having the pix makes it easy to prove that yes, you do have a lure buying problem!

5) Have Fun: No matter how old I get, very little is as fun as a cup of coffee, some good music and being surrounded by a bunch of fishing tackle! Winter can get long, and it may seem like spring will never get here but trust me it’s coming! Spend a little time this winter to get your lures in order and ready to fish and spring fishing will be more productive!

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