..And in this corner, the heavy weight champion!

Increasing the number of lures in the water is one of the easiest ways to increase your fishing success. Using “corner” rods is a simple way to get 2 more lures in the water and using Off-Shore Tackle Tadpoles make corner rods easy to set.

Any lure/presentation can be used behind the Tadpole, including spoons, crawler harnesses or my favorite, crankbaits.

The “nose down” aggressive diving angle of the Off-Shore Tackle Tadpole make them a great choice for corner rods and picking the right size Tadpole is part of the trolling puzzle. Using a Tadpole that is “heavier” than needed is a trick I use on my charter boat every day. My first choice is the Magnum Tadpole even though most of my target depths for trolling are shallower than 20’, and sometimes as shallow as 5’! Using the Magnum Tadpoles has some advantages over using the “Correct” size Tadpole for the target depth.

Magnum Tadpoles dive STEEP and FAST, meaning I can get the depth I need with very little line out and since the Tadpole is close to the boat, I never need to clear it when landing a fish caught on a board line. Dealing with floating vegetation is also faster and easier when using short leads. The diving angle of the Magnum Tadpole also means I can use a deep diving crankbait, something I can’t do with the smaller Tadpole sizes. Landing a fish and resetting the Magnum Tadpole is quick, meaning I have a lure back in the water faster than when using lighter Tadpoles. The last advantage for us is the Magnum finds and keeps it depth at the speeds we normally troll at (up to 4.5 mph…more on that later!) with much less line out than the smaller sizes. Lots of days this year our BEST catch rate came on the Magnum Tadpoles, sometimes with as little as 12’ of line out, directly behind the boat!

Add corner rods with magnum tadpoles to your trolling spread this season. Their ease and efficiency will help you catch more fish anytime you are on the water.

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