My 5 Favorite Traxstech Accessories

The old saying "little things mean a lot" is true, especially on a fishing boat. When you spend the amount of time on a boat that I do you appreciate the "little things", things that make your fishing day easier, more organized and more productive. Here is a quick list of my 5 favorite "little things" from Traxstech that make my fishing more enjoyable every time I am on the water.

1) Tool Holder (TH-100)- who hasn't lost something in a boat? Or needed a pair of scissors, pliers, screwdriver or another tool and not been able to find one? Being organized is one of the keys to successful fishing and the Traxstech Tool Holder is something I depend on every day. With enough room to hold a hook file, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, extra lures, towel and much more, it is simply something I must have on the boat. Available alone or with a beverage holder (TH-100 Combo), adding one (or two!) of these to your rigging with make you a believer.

2) Planer Board Caddy (PBC-900)- a fairly new product developed with the help of our good friend Captain Paul Doute, the Planer Board Caddy solves a problem all trollers have; what to do with your inline planer boards when they are not in use. Designed to hold up to 4 inline boards of any brand, the Planer Board Caddy provides a place to store inline boards when you are running, makes them easily accessible when setting lines and most importantly to me, provides a safe place to put boards when landing a fish. We all know the sickening sound an inline board makes when it gets stepped on!! Included on the base are cutouts for pliers and other tools, as well as holes for hanging baits or adding accessories. Prevent wasting time and breaking expensive equipment by keeping your expensive inline boards in a Traxstech Planer Board Caddy.

3) Beverage Holder (BH-100): I have yet to be in a boat that has enough beverage holders, and the Traxstech BH-100 is a perfect accessory to add when rigging a boat. This track mount holder works with all sizes of bottles, cans and mugs. Not only is it a great beverage holder, it also works great to store inline weights or other items that you might need to get at quickly. I have 2 on my tracks that have a plastic pop bottle liner I cut out, so I can store terminal tackle, weights, and other "stuff" in them! For actual beverages on the boat, I have installed 2 beverage holders (BH-100V) on my vertical rod trees (see pic), allowing each person in the boat a place to put their drinks and keep everything out of the way.

4) 6" Cleat (CP-06): Believe it or not this little beauty is one of my favorite accessories, and I always have 4 on board and ready to go! Mounted on an adapter plate that slides in the mounting track, these cleats are useful in so many ways. They can be used as docking cleats, mounting points for drift sox and trolling bags, or any other function where you need a solid anchoring point. I used 2 the other day to secure a cooler to the front deck! Because they can be moved anywhere in the mounting track, an angler can achieve PERFECT positioning of trolling bags or drift sox for EXACT speed control. I like them so much, I just ordered my new boat with NO cleats from the factory and will be using my Traxstech cleats for all my tie down needs.

5) Net Holder (RRH-200): another piece I absolutely love! I use several RRH-200 net holders in my rigging no matter what I am fishing for. Obviously, I use one on each side of the boat to hold my nets, but they do so much more. I use 2 additional ones on each side of the boat as extra rod storage for manipulating rods when landing a fish or setting lines, and for storing rods when I am on plane. When trolling, I also mount one on each side of the bow deck to keep extra rods easily accessible in case of a tangle or a quick lure/technique switch. When I am river jigging my boat is LOADED with net holder. I use 2 on the starboard bow (1 for a net and one for my rod) as well as one of the port bow, and 3 along each side of the boat in the rear fishing area. I carry a second net in one of the holders, and the others are for storing rods in an upright positon and off the floor of the boat when we are running. This prevents both tangles and broken rods and keeps the rod easily accessible once we get to our fishing spot. Another advantage of using them for jigging is an angler can simply place their rod in the holder when helping to net a fish. No need to reel up; simply putting the rod in the holder lifts the jig about 8-9' off the bottom keeping it snag free and allowing the angler to easily return to fishing!

Hope this gives you some good ideas for making your boat more organized and easier to fish from. I have only a few rules on my boat and one of them is "NOTHING goes on the floor". By adding the right accessories from Traxstech, I can have quick access to everything I need and keep the inside of the boat neat, organized and safe.

If you need more information, or need to order Traxstech product, stop by your local Traxstech dealer or visit the website at

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